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Welcome to the website of award-winning fiction writer Michael Croucher. A short story writer for many years, Mike now publishes mysteries and thrillers. His Phil Mahood Series begins with Diamond Run in August 2015. Sample chapters of his books will be found on the blog.

Readers and writers alike will enjoy Mike’s short stories, regularly posted on his blog. They can be found under the Short Story and Preview categories, or in the Archives. His magazine-style blog postings cover reading and writing topics as well as look into police procedural, travel stories, and samples of his writing.

Diamond Run (On Sale August 17, 2015)

Michael Croucher's terrifying spin through the ruthlessness of organized crime and the fright of a woman who finds herself the quarry is a story of underworld diamond heists gone wild. From New York City to Ontario, Canada, criminals and police are in a deadly race. Read more. . . .

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