Diamond Run

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Michael Croucher's terrifying spin through the ruthlessness of organized crime and the fright of a woman who finds herself the quarry is a story of underworld diamond heists gone wild. From New York City to Ontario, Canada, criminals and police are in a deadly race.

Caught unaware in their web, Sue Jensen is on her own chilling trail. Her beautiful Victorian house in the Canadian wine country is haunted. Since research is her business, she wants to find out who the ghost slipping into bed with her of nights is. Will she discover far more than she ever imagined? Is it possible to put ghosts to rest?

Sergeant Phil Mahood, in a desperate undercover battle against the psychotic mobster-killer who will stop at nothing for diamonds, can only drop vague hints to Sue about the looming danger. Skeptical of her ghost stories and falling in love with her, he is torn as never before. As the two investigations are about to collide, can Phil be the support Sue needs in her personal quest for the deep secrets of her home? Can he rescue her from the cold-blooded killer who stops at nothing and no one?

With his world shaken to the core by Sue’s fear of ghostly presences he does not believe in, and his new love with Sue clouding his professional judgment, will Phil’s mobster targets stay steady in the crosshairs?

This is crime suspense at its best.


Bravo's Veil

His marriage is in trouble and his business has failed, but David Collins is determined to investigate a decades old family tragedy and to bring closure to a huge void in his life. For years he has wondered what caused his twelve year old brother to leave his billet on a cold December night and disappear from an isolated beach. He is increasingly obsessed with examining the role played by the people his brother was billeted with, and with determining the involvement of the officials who were charged with his safe keeping.

Along with a skeptical cousin and the cousin's keenly interested wife, David travels to England to peel back layers of family history and to sift through the official deceptions. They examine the brother's time in pre-war London and the months he spent in Cornwall as an evacuee. The activities of a beautiful billeting official come into focus. Her affair with a young police constable and her deep involvement in a local MI-5 operation are revealed, and so is her request for Paul to run a very strange errand.

The final clues to his brother’s fate are discovered in an envelope containing his childhood keepsakes. The investigation serves up many surprises. But one extraordinary and very disturbing secret shocks David to his core and changes his life forever.

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