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Wow, a vicious, hardened criminal will stop at nothing to get any diamonds he knows of as his last job. Anyone helping him is dead after the job is done. He leads a bloody path everywhere he goes, and has been at it for five years. Can he be caught? How many more victims will there be?
And this is also a ghost story! I have never read a book that had both of those genres until now. And this ghost actually plays a major role in the story.

What a great book it was! The beginning was a little slow while introducing all the characters, but after that, the story took off with a flourish. I so wanted to finish it in one reading, but I was so tired I HAD to go to sleep. No matter, I had a nice little start to my morning today.

This was my first book by Michael Croucher, it won't be my last.

Thanks Library Thing for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I was thoroughly entertained!

—D. Krenzer


I loved this wonderfully written story of passion and crime, murder and intrigue. My eyes danced , raced across the pages to discover the next move in the game that is played by Marco and his pawns, with Phil and Ernie and the crew of blue fast on his trail.

From the onset we are taken on a ride by mysterious and "nasty" Marco- His greed and sense of mastery of crime let us know early in, this aloof character will not be an easy catch. The world turns upside-down across borders as we become entangled in a weave of criptik characters from New York, Florida, Toronto to Hamilton, Stoney Creek. As a Hamiltonian, how delightful to read about our beloved city, beautiful buildings , century homes and battles fought on lands about us.
A sense of duty quickly emerges from our lead cops and "Sue" , an unmitting relief for Detectative Mahon. Within minutes we are caught up in the reality of the enimit danger and restless spirits of those who have a story to tell. Our Phil and Ernie are the tried and true bluebloods, as the body count rises, the clever pair cover every angle, follow every lead on the heels of our sinister Marco. As Marco leads us on the journey, Phil and Ernie are shoring up the details -all the while mindfully aware of the procedures they must/may follow-orchestrated, a by the book manner in which they operated with a beautiful twist for bending the rules when required.

I loved Croucher's unfolding of Sue, a welcome innocent for Dectative Mahon, with the story blending Sue's friends , Charles and Gloria into a realm of danger-Diamonds indeed!.. Spirits arrive in the nick of time! I laughed , grimsped and cried with the love of characters both in this world and the next.

A sense of duty from the cop on the beat, to Marco the "Cleaner" grip us as the mystery unfolds. I am lost in a world where time and space are upside-down and am compelled to hang on tight , I cannot let go of the ride.

Loved this book!

—M Marrin-Cross


I received a PDF copy of this book for free via LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. I found this book hard to follow at first, but as I got further into it the story line became clearer. However, it does combine a combination of genres, including thriller, paranormal, romance, and mystery. At times it can seem that there is too much or too many genres in one story, but it does all come together in the end.

One thing I would recommend, is that the Author's Note be in the front of the book, and not at the end. It really helps to explain what this book is and why it is all in this one story.

It took some getting used to, but turned out to be a pretty good read for a first book and I think the second book will be even better.



Diamond Run by Michael Coucher

This book was a true action-oriented novel. The dialog flowed into the content of the book as the reader imagined the voices speaking the words. The plot was rich with sound based on the words in the story. The reader experienced the action in the story as if they were in the same space as the characters. The descriptions in the book were vivid and real enabling the reader to see into the world of the character. I received an ARC. I really loved the book and would highly recommend reading it!!

—J Mueller


Wow what a great book and an author I knew nothing about- I was asked to review Diamond Run by Librarything.com.

This is the author's second novel, the first was Bravo's Veil which I am just about to read.

I was totally engrossed in the book, and ideal as the weather at the weekend was so wet for June, so I snuggled up and started this action-packed story. There is murder, mystery, a bit of spookiness and some passion thrown into the mix.

As the rain fell I was lost in this strange world, with Sue and he haunted house, and Sergeant Phil with his undercover quest for the mobster who will stop at nothing for diamonds.

The two unlikely investigations are intertwined (the reader may think far fetched but believe me it works) and will eventually run into each other.

The author writes well and in a way pulls the reader into this world effortlessly.

One of the best books I have read this year so far.



This book was very entertaining once it really got started. The first couple chapters it was hard to get into, but I promise it gets better. I loved how the author mixed up the real world with the supernatural world, but not enough that it will turn off the reader of the crime/suspense genre. It moved at a very steady pace. I also enjoyed how it tied up everything so neatly in the end. I do look forward to seeing how Mr. Croucher develops his character of Off. Mahood as time progresses. He is off to a great start with it. I hope Gloria and Charles stick around since I would like to see them more utilized in the future as Phil continues to shed his skepticism. All in all, it's a great read



A fantastic book! I loved the gritty detail that the main character Phil provides as an organized crime investigator in the late '70's and the hunt for the bad guys will have you unable to put the book down. The paranormal side story was a unique twist that hooked me in even further! I definitely plan to read other works by this author.



Read the early reviews.

Bravo's Veil - Reviews

Smashwords reader, Jean Gill

A classic spy/thriller set mostly in WW2 England, with modern-day investigation to untangle the mystery of what really happened to a young boy evacuated from London to Cornwall. The story development is superb, moving expertly between different times and viewpoints, and teasing the reader with enough clues and mysteries to keep me turning those pages. The ending is satisfying and answers most of the questions raised by the twists of the plot.

Period detail is exact and absorbing, from every 'Ruddy' and 'cheerio' in the dialogue to old-fashioned spy codes and surveillance methods. Was there hacking before computers and mobile phones? You bet!

Croucher brings the characters to life, especially the young evacuee Paul, the sexy female billeting officer/spy Judith and the dog Jiggs. I love this dog! He is the best incarnation of every child's dream dog since George's Timmy in 'The Famous Five'

The motif of 'Bravo's Veil' is beautifully woven into the plot and the passages where we discover the nature of Bravo's Veil are beautifully written, with an unexpected poetry and philosophy, that lingers in the imagination.

Highly recommended.
—Jean Gill


Authonomy reader, David Grant.

A superb piece of work. Strong surges of drama, vivid imagery, and authentic detail, which I can vouch for. (I was on the railway platform. not at Paddington but at Portsmouth, on Sept.1, 1939. We were off-loaded upon Brockenhurst in the New Forest, near enough for me to cycle home at weekends to be in the shelter with Mum during the Blitz.)

"Bravo's Veil", a tale that needs telling to both sides of the Pond…Backed and high-starred…
—David Grant


Authonomy reader, Jake Barton.

Easily one of the best written and carefully constructed books I've read on this site. Well researched with an enviable degree of detail and a powerful and effective storyline and the pace is beautifully judged, allowing the story to unfold at its own logical speed. I rated this when I first read it, some time ago now, and having read it again, in its entirety, am immensely impressed. You're a top writer, sir, who understands every nuance of your chosen genre. On my shelf with admiration and sincere hopes that this book will achieve the wider recognition it so richly deserves.


Authonomy reader, John Breeden 11

Bravo's Veil tells a great story with various elements all coming together over two different timelines. It’s one of those rare books that treads the line perfectly between historical fiction and thriller. It gets all its facts straight, a testimony to the research that author Michael Croucher obviously put into this novel. But it also keeps the plot moving at a great clip that keeps the pages turning.
—John Breeden 11 

A  Goodreads  Review 

A dual timeline book, 'Bravo's Veil' follows the story of two brothers, Paul and David who were separated in 1939 when the older brother, Paul, was evacuated to Penzance in World War 2. He never came home, and nearly 60 years on David decides to act on his feeling that the story he was told about Paul's death is untrue. 

What follows is a story full of intrigue, spies, double and triple crossing, with great characters, action and an emotive representation of how the evacuations affected everyone involved. 

Highly recommended.
K.A. Perkins